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June 27, 2013
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Okay Mochachitas and Chocolattes, I have looked over all of your suggestions and decided that Felix and Ryan will be known as Pewds and Cry. I apologize to the people who helped me with the name changes but everyone seemingly wants to keep this story a Pewdicry. I'm also sorry for the extremely long break I took between these chapters. I was a busy person updating my other stories. So with that said, sit back, have a cup of whatever you like and enjoy. I apologize for all grammatical and spelling errors.

Pewdie’s POV:

I blinked my eyes awake then yawned. The soft daylight could be seen from the corner of my eye and I smirked as I stared at the ceiling. Finally I woke up at a proper American time. Sadly it wasn’t much of a success since it was Saturday. Closing my eyes, I leaned my head back and I shifted to a more comfortable position, didn’t really feel like getting up. I scratched the back of my neck then rolled to the side in search of Cry. My brows came together as my hand patted around but found no warmth, only the soft fabric of my blankets. That was not what I wanted.

“Cry?” I called then sat up.

My room was silent and empty, a combination that I did not appreciate at the moment. The wrinkled leaves of autumn danced around in the wind outside, gently pattering against my window. I rubbed my eyes then listened more closely to check if he was taking a shower but I got nothing. Feeling concerned, I swung my legs to the side of my bed. My movements halted when I heard soft whispering outside my room.

“Do you think he’s awake?”

“Well, he hasn’t opened the door yet.”

“Should we open the door for him?”

I smirked then crossed my arms over my chest, recognizing the three voices in the hallway. So they remembered what today was, how sweet. Maybe that’s where Cry was too. I yawned a little before walking up to the door and opening it then immediately the party confetti popped into the air. I couldn’t help but smile seeing Mr. Chair, Stephano and to my surprise Trent and his crew yelling “Happy Birthday!” I laughed softly, shaking hands with the gang then listening to their happy birthday song. My eyes searched the crowed then my smile faded.

Where was Cry?

“Happy birthday, Pewds.” Stephano greeted and tossed me my present.

I caught the box, it was lighter than I thought. “Thanks Stephano, where’s Ryan?”

Mr. Chair’s face suddenly flushed pink and he pulled his beret down. “He’s with Piggeh.”

My eyes narrowed in confusion. “Doing what?”

“Felix!” Trent greeted and playfully punched my shoulder.

I nodded in returned as Stephano gave me a ‘don’t worry about it’ look. “How’s college?” I placed Stephano’s present in my room then straightened up to talk to my former ‘rival’.

“Terrible, it’s so boring there.” Trent groaned. “And apparently playfights with my crew back there are now illegal.”

“Well your ‘playfights’ end up to be pretty violent, idiot.” I sighed. “That kind of stuff is illegal in TechPlay too.”

“Does that mean they’ll cancel Deadman this year?” Trent asked.

I narrowed my eyes, surely the school wasn’t thinking of closing my favorite game. After all, it’s what made the school fun as a gaming school.

“They can’t, it’s what the school’s so famous for, other than their gaming equipment.” I replied. “But there is this one bitch who’s annoying the shit out of me, she won’t get off my back.”

“Oh, the typical life of a fan girl eh?” Trent teased.

“That’s not it,” I shook my head. “This girl is trying to take me down.”

“Well that’s new,” His eyes widened. “She must be crazy thinking that she can beat you.”

“It’s just hard because there is also this asshole who seems to have an eye on Cry.” I growled, thinking of Crow.

“You better be careful,” Trent warned. “Knowing you, you’d want to resort everything to violence, and these law’s pretty harsh when someone gets caught.”

“Yeah…” I looked over my shoulder and searched the crowd again. “Hang on, I need to find Cry.”

“Felix, you have a Skype call.” Stephano called.

I scrunched my bros in confusion then made my way to the living room couch where my laptop laid. I didn’t remember keeping it on during the night. Confusion came over me when I saw that the computer was shut off then I turned to Stephano, narrowing my eyes questioningly. Stephano chuckled softly and handed me his phone showing Mia and Marzia on the screen, smiling happily. My heart swelled with joy upon seeing my adorable little sister and my lips stretched to a huge smile.

“Hey!” I greeted.

“Happy birthday Pewpew!” Mia squeaked.

“Happy birthday Pewds,” Marzia giggled, giving Mia a gentle squeeze. “How are you?”

“I’m doing fine, finally got over my jet lag.” I replied, taking the phone from Stephano. “How is everyone there?”

“Well, Katya’s still uneasy about the whole…you know,” I frowned, feeling guilty about what I did to my foster mother. “Don’t worry, she understands why you did it, it’s just…love takes time to get over. You know how it is.”

I closed my eyes, remembering that moment.


I waited outside the living room, waiting for the conversation about the divorce papers to be over. Katya told me that she didn’t want me to watch her therefore, I respected her wishes. The doors were shut in order to block out the sounds from within the room, my fists clenched and unclenched nervously as I paced around the hall worriedly. What if he tried to hurt her? What if she broke down and I wasn’t there to help her out. I almost jumped when I heard the doors creak open and I whipped around seeing the blond lady’s eyes now bloodshot from so many tears and her lips quivered, holding in her cries. Tears almost welled up in my own eyes as I saw how strong she was trying to be for me. I quickly ran up to her and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Pewdie...” Katya sobbed softly into my shoulder. “It…it’s been done…”

I bit my lips and rested my head on top of hers, letting her take all of her agony out. It was almost too much to bear that the lady who had been taking care of me through the darkness of my childhood was now asking me for help but I couldn’t do anything about it. I patted her shoulder and sighed deeply before speaking.

“I’m sorry, mother.” I whispered. “I just…it’s better this way.”

Those were the only words I could say to her as I watched wipe her face with a white handkerchief. My heart cracked with every second that passed as I rubbed her shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” I repeated.

“I know love, I know. I understand…” her voice was soft yet I could hear it crack from the amount of distress. “Please, give me time…”

I nodded slowly.

Despite her words, I could never let go of the fact that I separated Katya from the one she loved.


I saw wisdom in Mariza’s words yet, I couldn’t help but feel the regret grow. If I was forced to break up with Cry, I would feel the same remorse as she was going through now. I exhaled deeply before giving her a nod of approval. Mia eyed me curiously then stretched up and down as if searching for something.

“Pewpew, where’s Ryry?” she asked.

“Oh…” I paused realizing I lost track of what I was doing. “He’s somewhere,”

“Ryry has no ouchie right?” she continued. Her eyes widening with worry.

I chuckled softly at her vocabulary. “No, he has no ouchie. I have to go find him though, maybe we can talk some other time.”

“Nope.” Stephano replied then took the phone and said goodbye to the girls. “You’re coming with us.”

“To where?” I questioned. “Look, I just want to see Cry–“

“You will, just be patient for once, Pewds.” Stephano rolled his eyes, smirking.

“Come on,” Mr. Chair encourages, gently pushing me from behind.

“Party!” Trent yelled.

I sighed in defeat before letting my friends drag me out of my apartment.

Trent, Stephano and Mr. Chair took me out, assuming it was a good idea. I was greeted with a couple of fan girls telling me happy birthday and handing me chocolates as if it was Valentine’s Day. It took me a while to convince everyone that I needed to find Cry. The sky was getting dark and I had no sight of him. He hadn’t answered any of my calls or tests and I was starting to get worried. I even texted Piggeh to demand what he was doing with my boyfriend. I groaned inwardly as everyone followed me back home, talking about the upcoming Fall Festival. I swiped my card to my room then opened the door.

“Pewds! Pewds!” I heard Piggeh call from the kitchen. “You’re finally home! Come to the kitchen!”

Everyone turned towards the living room where we could see Piggeh waving his hand. I quickly made my way towards the room then my jaw almost dropped.

“H…happy Birthday Pewds…”

Cry was holding a tray with both hands against his body but that wasn’t what surprised me. There stood my beloved boyfriend in a short but frilly black dress that much resembled a maid outfit. My eyes trailed up to his head that was decorated with a white bunny ear headband.

“Happy birthday Pewdie!” Piggeh yelled and put his arms out to present bunny maid Cry.

I couldn’t contain my smile or my chuckle. Cry’s reddened face and his adorable outfit was overwhelmingly hilarious. I leaned over to the table, bursting out laughing as I held my stomach. Cry looked down at his feet, shooting me a glare on the way. Piggeh giggled triumphantly then skipped up to me, putting his hands on his hips.

“Do you like my little decoration?” he asked.

“Shut up,” I shook my head but I was still chuckling.

“You do, you love me.” Piggeh smirked.

“Get out of here, I have dinner to eat.” I ordered then shooed the pink haired male out. “Tell the others to leave too, otherwise wait in the hallway.”

Piggeh frolicked out, leaving me with my American. The pink man jumped onto his boyfriend and began placing kisses onto his beloved brunette, making Trent and Stephano shuffle away awkwardly. The crew on the other hand immediately left my apartment. I turned to see Cry still grimacing at me as he went up to the stove to set up my dinner, spaghetti I guessed. Trent and Stephano exchanged comments of Piggeh’s actions before deciding to follow the crew out of the house. I flashed Ryan a grin, although I wasn’t much into cosplay I felt pleased that he considered that one comment I made last year into consideration.

“Told you you’d look good in an apron.” I commented.

Cry’s blushed deepened. “Well it’s not very comfortable, especially in this outfit.”

“It could be worse.” I pointed out. “He would’ve put you into a sexy bunny girl outfit.”

“It was hard to convince him not to do that.” Cry ran his fingers through his oak brown hair as I came up next to him.

“Is this what you had to do because you lost the bet?” I asked as I gently played with the hem of the white apron.

“You could say,” Cry swatted my hand away playfully. “He just didn’t want you to get mad that he came to your house empty handed.”

I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my chin on his shoulder. “Should I take this as you and Piggeh’s present?”

“Well, I have something different.” He said as he put the spaghetti onto a plate.

I grinned teasingly. “What? Did Piggeh give you the idea?”

His face flushed into a deeper shade of red and shook his head. “You’ll see after dinner.” He replied then pulled out of my grasp.

I took a seat as Cry set my meal in front of me. I gazed at it for a few moments before an idea popped into my mind.

“You wanna eat this with me?” I offered as Cry went over to the counter to get the silverware.

He blinked a few times in confusion. “Uh, sure.”

We ate in silence, although Cry’s movements were very awkward. I couldn’t help but chuckle every time he bites his lips when I tease him.

“So am I going to be called Master tonight?”

Cry narrowed his eyes. “Don’t push it.”

I smiled softly, enjoying this night together. A few times, we would end up eating the same spaghetti strand and our lips would brush. Cry would smile when that happened, making my heart flutter with such love. When we finished the meal, he cleaned the dishes and told me to wait in my room.

I grinned. “Is this something I should be excited about?”

“You’re as perverted as Piggeh.” Cry scolded.

“I’m only teasing.” I laughed then made my way towards my room.

I took a seat on my bed, propping my arms on my knee and laying my chin on my palm. Cry went into his room then came out with a large wrapped up bundle. My eyes widened at the sight as he handed the large present to me.

“Here you go,” he cheered, a blush present on his cheeks.

I laughed softly, wondering what the present could be. I gently tore through the wrapping then my eyes widened more to see what was inside. I looked over at Cry who was rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“I know it’s not as great as what you gave me on my birthday but…it’s the blanket you wanted from last year’s Ultimate Deadman.” He smiled shyly.

I looked back at the plastic zip bag that contained the fluffiness. I sighed with content as I remembered that time when Ryan saved me from Daren at the ice stage and how safe I felt within the blanket. My smile widened as I opened the bag and pulled out the large fluffy fabric. Cry helped me spread it across my bed then stood beside me.  The fact that Cry remembered this made my heart swell with joy. I set the present down then pulled Ryan into a tight hug.

“Thank you,” I whispered. “I love it.”

“You’re welcome,” he chuckled. “Happy birthday.”

I gazed at the brunette, feeling warm with so much love. Although I have heard those words a lot today, but hearing it from Cry made the words a lot more special. Cry’s arms wrapped around me tightly and stretched up to kiss me. I closed my eyes, accepting his love. I tipped my head a little, deepening the kiss and Cry’s fingers knotted in my hair. Our lips moved gently against each others as my hands trailed up and down his back, enjoying the softness of the dress.

“Still uncomfortable in this?” I asked, grinning through the kiss.

“Yes, can I get out of it now?” he asked.

“No way, this is too good. You’re wearing it until the end of the day.” I laughed.

Cry pouted at me, annoyed. “You’re so lucky it’s your birthday.”

I laughed. “You love me.”

His gaze softened as it locked with mine. “I do…”

I couldn’t contain the happiness I felt from his answer. “I love you too, Cry.”

He stretched up once again to make his lips press against mine again, eye closing and his fingers entangling behind my neck. “Happy Birthday,” he whispered.
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